About Us


BIG BIRYANI is not just another Mughlai Food restaurant. It is a vision of such culinary lovers, who are passionate about authentic and rich taste of Biryanis and kebabs.


Founded in the quest of delectable Mughlai taste, BIG BIRYANI is brain child of five friends, who are equally fond of delicious gastronomy. This brings wide range of Chicken Biryani, Chicken Shami Kebab, Chicken Sheekh Kebab, Chicken Shami Roll and Chicken Sheekh Roll is the delicious dishes served by us in our menu. There are combo packs also available to save your pocket, while offering you amazing dishes to enjoy.


That’s how; we have made it easy for the foodies to enjoy the subtle taste of authentic traditional dishes.


Tempting your taste buds with your favorite cuisine is something, which not only satisfies the desire of your tongue and fire of your belly, but also revamps your entire metabolism. You feel more energetic and active enough to start off your new week with zeal and enthusiasm.


This is not merely a food takeaway zone; it is an effort to preserve the legacy of ancient India.




Five different folks, with five individually creative brains, came together with the idea of serving the culinary world with something lip-smacking and appetizing. Thus, they came up with the idea of Mughlai food venture- BIG BIRYANI.


Located in the hangout hub of the city, i.e. Sector 18 Noida, BIG BIRYANI appeals you with its gorgeous and tasteful aroma of delicious food items. Idea of these five foodies was to bring in tasty & enticing dishes from traditional and authentic Mughlai kitchen. And their regular attempts of make your taste buds feel great about their offerings are making this food brand a big success.




Contact- 7777049777